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Counseling is a form of treatment in which you and your therapist form a partnership to help you explore and gain an understanding of your feelings, motivations, thoughts and behaviors. In counseling, the individual gains insight into his/her issues by sharing feelings and experiences with the therapist, thereby empowering the client to achieve a more satisfying life. The relationship between the therapist and client is based on trust.
The therapist/counselor provides objective feedback without the bias of family or friends. Counseling helps individuals help themselves by teaching them how to acquire the tools and skills necessary to be successful. Therapy or counseling has been proven to be an effective way to facilitate growth, encourage coping skills, and provide support for the client. Clients will learn techniques that will enable them to make better choices and take control of their lives. Individuals with proper guidance will ultimately find their own strengths and learn how to cope with their weaknesses.
Because life continues to hand us challenges and delights in both our personal and career interactions, therapy can be an important resource during times of change. If you are experiencing traumas, anxieties or stressors, and if these are preventing you from leading a fulfilling life, seek counseling. Or, if you would like to enhance personal relationships, communication skills or personal growth, counseling is for you.


Individual Personal Counseling:

Many of us suffer with bouts of mental anguish, whether it be depression, anxiety or other expression of mental pain. Therapists are trained to help clients with these symptoms to regulate and find coping skills for living with these difficulties. We often work with psychiatrists who provide medication interventions when necessary.

A few of us live with thought disturbances that plague our ability to function as we would like. Many of these can be treated and better controlled with medications, but coping and living with this can be improved with therapy.

At times, we can feel empty and unfilled. Counselors can often help what is causing this loss of purpose and meaning. Exploring reasons for this sense of malaise and finding new perspectives can lead to a renewal of spirit and hope.

Some of us find difficulty maintaining relationships and allowing ourselves to trust. We can help build trust, communication skills, the ability to allow for differences between people while maintaining our own values, and a clearer understanding of ourselves.


Relationship/Family Counseling:

Each of us experiences difficulties in our lives at some time. We can often work through these events without outside help. However, when the situation becomes overwhelming, an objective person not involved in the realm of our family or friends may be able to provide perspective and problem-solving skills that aren't always obvious to us. That is the role a counselor can play.

Marriage combines two people who each bring their own way of dealing with the world into a living situation. Passion, trust and intimacy, and commitment all need to work together to build a healthy and happy marriage. Trained counselors can help couples develop better marriages. Reading resources and assessments are available to help develop better understanding of each other.

Healthy families understand and practice several things:
  1. The roles of parents and children.
  2. The difference between the adult's and the child's perspectives.,
  3. The ability to negotiate how to meet the needs of each family member.
  4. How the family unit is affected by each individual involved, regardless of age.
  5. Good family therapy can facilitate these dynamics in a positive manner.


Vocational/Career Counseling:

Vocational/career counseling is a specialty that helps individuals discover for themselves careers and jobs that match their interests, personal traits, skills, and values. Trained vocational/career counselors work to help the individual integrate life and career for the highest satisfaction of goals and needs.

Vocational counseling can be a helpful process for anyone who is:
  1. uncertain about the direction of his or her own future,
  2. unfulfilled in a present position, or
  3. unsuccessful in acquiring employment.
These may include:
  • displaced, unemployed and/or underemployed workers
  • workers who feel burned out or unmotivated
  • college students with undecided majors
  • upper level high school students who need some direction.
  • individuals who feel they have been unable to pursue their “dream”

Vocational counseling involves four weekly sessions individually tailored to the needs of each client. If appropriate, several highly-validated and computer-generated tests can be taken. These will be followed with three hours of consultation, including interpretation of test results, exploration of possibilities, and guidance in formulating a plan to either achieve desired and meaningful employment or determine a direction for college or post-high school training.
The cost of a vocational/career counseling package is $500. This includes the hours of assessment and consultation, the cost of individual tests, encouragement and career coaching consults for six weeks following the end of the basic program.


Grief/Loss Transitions Counseling:

There are very definite stages in the grief process:

  1. Shock and denial.
  2. Bargaining.
  3. Acceptance/understanding.

It is important to allow ourselves to experience these steps when a loss brings grief. It is important to allow tears, anger and feelings expressed. The best healer for grief is TIME. Counselors are trained to help in the process by allowing feelings to be expressed in a safe and caring environment.

Anticipated or unexpected, positive or negative, change moves us into a period of transition in which our future is decided, in part, by our ability to adapt successfully. Even a positive change can put us into a period of apprehension or fear by facing a new and unknown situation. In any event, we may experience various responses such as sleep (too little or too much), eating (too little or too much), or losing interest in things we otherwise enjoy. This often involves establishing new connections and social interactions.

Another effect of change is loss because we cannot take with us friends, family, and situations that we have known.
We can help with these transitions, changes, and losses.


Vocational/Career Counseling:

Even though the job market is much more difficult, helpful insights can be gained from career counseling. Its goal is to help an individual understand his/her interests and strengths. These can help: 1) choose the type of career that may best fit a person,

2) learn how to sort through possibilities,

3) decide how to best present one's self when going after a specific job,

4) develop a résumé that will reflect this knowledge,

5) provide guidance through the application and interviewing process.

Licensed Professional Counselor Associates who are finishing internships to earn a license need supervision by Certified Supervisors. For 30 years, Dr. Peterson has supervised students, counselors, social workers and marriage and family therapists. Furthermore, she has trained counselors to be supervisors.


How to reach us:
Office location: Seven Lakes
1107 Seven Lakes Drive
In the "Executive Center" - Suites 3 & 4
Seven Lakes, NC 27376
Telephone: 910.673.3209
E-mail address:
Office location: Fayetteville
(Wednesday only with Dr. Peterson)
201 S. McPherson Road Suite 210
Fayetteville, NC 28301
Telephone: 910.603.4554
E-mail address:

What we can do for You:
  • Individual Personal Counseling
  • Relationship/Family Counseling
  • Military and Military Family Interventions
    Stress/Posttraumatic Stress Disorders Treatment
  • Women's Wellness Coaching
  • Vocational/Career Counseling
  • Grief/Loss Transitions Counseling
  • Self Esteem/Personal Growth Counseling
  • Depression, Anxiety, Mood Disorders Treatment
  • Anger Management Work

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Featured Publication:
"Singleness: A Guide to Understanding and Satisfaction"
by Nadene Peterson, Barbara Sofie

Book Description:
Using examples from real life, this book moves from the negative emotions and the needs and conflicts of single people to finding yourself and growing from need to choice. It illustrates the myths of singleness and marriage. A major premise of the book is that feeling whole before you couple allows you to enjoy a relationship that is based on interdependence rather than dependence or co-dependence. It is easy to read and understand and exercises are provided that can help one make intelligent choices about living alone or together.

  • Softcover: 167 pages
  • Publisher: Watercress Press
  • Available from:
    Counseling Professionals
    P.O. Box 752
    West End, NC 27376
  • Price: $9.95


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